The Red-eared Slider Turtle at Apes Hill Club


Posted by admin on Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A few years ago, driving around the property at Apes Hill Club, Sir Charles Williams casually said to Ed Paskins (Golf Course Superintendent)  that we should have some turtles at Apes Hill.  So said, so done.  Ed went to the pet shop and purchased 10 red-eared turtles that were each about one (1) inch in diameter.  The Red-eared turtle is a semi-aquatic turtle and Ed released them into the pond by the 15th hole.  Even though it takes 3 years before they can breed, Ed also provided a sand bank for them to use to lay their eggs.

This weekend, two of our active golfers called Ed to let him know that they had found one of the turtles nesting.  Indeed, when Ed got there, he found that she had happily laid her eggs in the sand.  Ed made sure to cover the site and call the turtle hotline to alert them of the nesting.  He then brought Hilary to the pond next to the Country Club where she happy went into the water.

To date, we have over 50 Red-eared Turtles on site, as they continue to grow and expand in number.  Not to worry about Hilary, Ed will be bringing a few more of her friends to the pond to join her.

In the picture you can see Hilary walking into the pond.


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